Summary :)

Throughout this module I feel that I have done my best and tried really hard. I came across a lot of obstacles like moving house, film and theatre work experience, loosing all my work and kept being let down by models. I feel that I could of done a lot more photos if I wasn’t so busy and hadn’t kept getting let down by models I wanted to do so much more and had lots of ideas for photo-shoots that I haven’t had the time to do. I have wrote all these down in a diary and I plan to do these in the summer I have contacts now for costume designers and photographers to be able to do this on my own and pursue all of my wonderful ideas. I feel like this last module has defiantly been my best work. The quality of all my work has improved in my skills, product knowledge and costume ideas. I’m really impressed with my fairy assessment and liked using an airbrush so much I’ve bought a kit for myself from Dinair.

My theme for my portfolio was characters to help me find work in the theatre industry using wigs, ageing, postiche and improving my costume designs. I also added other types of make-up and photo-shoots in there to show versatile and help me get work in other areas of make-up such as Fashion and Media. I wanted my portfolio to look smart and funky which is why I have presented the photos in the way I have I didn’t want to put too much on one page so it doesn’t look too cluttered.  I like the leather book that I have bought to put mu photos in I think it looks really stylish and professional.


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