Fairy Photos Edited and Photographed by Carl Pinnington

When I thought of a fairy I think of a magical creature that is normally unseen to the human eye. I asked my photography teacher carl if he would do a location shoot with me for my final assessment he agreed and on the day of the shoot we took my done up model outside with a camera and a reflector to investigate around the college grounds. Carl knew of a spot straight away and we walked down through the car park to the tennis court we took some photos here and then carried on walking up the bank and found a lovely public park with a river perfect for a mystical creature!


Costume Inspiration

I looked at various different clothes and costume ideas. I wanted him to have a wacky dress style that was colourful with a hint of vintage. I went to Manchester and went to all the vintage charity shops like Oxfam on Oldham Road. I found the waist coat, tie and the purple jacket in this charity shop and bought the shirt from Primark in the sale the shoes where the most expensive item but I kept the receipt and took them back. I was so chuffed with what I found in the charity shops the stuff I got from there was perfect!!

Camera Angles!

I wanted my joker character to look evil as well as crazy so I asked my photography Teacher – Carl Pinnington to take a few shots from above him. This involved him standing on a chair and pointing the camera down and asking my model to put his head slightly down with his eyes looking up towards the camera.13211068_898981880228307_1429622317_o

Mermaid Make-up Inspiration

There was lots of Make-up looks i could of gone with it was hard to chose which one there was so many designs that i liked, i picked out my favourite ones and took something out of all of them and created my own design. see inspiration pictures below.

mermaid pic 1
Mermaid Make-up Inspiration
mermaid 2
Mermaid Make-up Inspiration
mermade 3
Mermaid Make-up Inspiration
mermaid 4
Mermaid Make-up Inspiration

Lighting plan to create a spot light effect

I wanted to create a spot light effect in my photos, I came to this conclusion by researching different make-up pictures on Pinterest.  I asked Carl if he could help me create the look i wanted and showed him some examples in pictures see reference lighting inspiration photos. He re-arranged the lighting and attached a piece of black cardboard hovering over the spot light he also used reflectors so the light would bounce onto the face. Here is an example of a lighting plan that was is similar set up.

lighting plan spot light
Spotlight lighting plan