Why Applied Postiche and Wigs are Important to me

12122943_787934984666331_1584585421177938112_n12122553_787934567999706_1917418909989680525_nFotorCreatedI have put few wigs and postiche in my portfolio because I am hoping to have a career in theatre being a Make-up Artist or Wardrobe and Wigs Assistant. So I thought it is really relevant and I can use this portfolio to help me get a job in the theatre and show them my work and what I can do. The ageing process is also relevant to theatre this is a popular technique used in many theatre productions so i am glad I did ageing as an assessment in year 1. I found making the postiche side burns extremely difficult and challenging at first but I kept with it and once I got the hang of it (after weeks of only doing a few knots and tears from myself) I was really proud of the end result I had. Doing these assessments have made me want to improve my skills more and attend a wigs up north course.