The story of how the fairy began.

Originally I wanted to make a prosthetic. I wanted to make pixie ears. I started back in January and asked one of my class mates if she would be my model because she was perfect for it. she agreed and a couple weeks later after casted her her left ear then her right ear the week after that. Unfortunately this was the first time I’ve casted an ear and only the second time I’ve done any prosthetics at all. at the time of doing this there wasn’t a prosthetics teacher around when i was doing this so I googled it and followed a blog to refresh my memory.

Both of my pixie ears didn’t turn out right I think i made the plaster mixture to thin and this caused moth my ears to be brittle and they both snapped. I tried super gluing them on but there was nothing for them to stick on too there wasn’t enough plaster in the mix it was just mainly water so they didn’t stay stuck down. I asked my Model if she would allow me to cast her ears again with the help of our tutor Leslie but she was busy. weeks passed by and she didn’t have any time to let me re cast her ears so I had to give up on the idea.

with one week left till my assessment date i had no prosthetic piece and no model i asked another student in my class if she would do it because she was a similar shape to her and I’ve already bought the costume and now had to find someone the same size and she couldn’t do it either. i had to take charge and ask for a model on Manchester Models group on the social media networking group on Facebook. I got a few messages back one of them was Skyla from Atlantis Models she had a new model that was interested because she hasn’t got a portfolio yet. She was the perfect model for what i had in mind my idea by then had been slightly changed to a fairy. Instead of using prosthetics i Airbrushed on a flawless Metallic Gold airbase product added her costume and a band of flowers for her hair and i made my bohemian Fairy. orb1 Loved using the Airbrush and found it really easy and fun to use and it made my make-up look beautiful so I’ve gone and bought one for myself from dinair 🙂