Projects I did outside of Uni

To Build and Improve my Portfolio I collaborated with other Photographers. I worked with Steven Kelly at Pumpkin Studios in Denton where I did my first ever Professional fashion shoot we also did a Audrey Hepburn look so I’ve added this to my portfolio to carry on with the theme of characters and I put the fashion photos in to show versatile and to show employers I can do different things. I love a challenge and I worked with trainee Photographer Mark Johnson to film a make up tutorial there is a picture of me mid-film applying make-up on my volunteer Shannon on the front of my portfolio. (can’t attach video tutorial on here cause you have to pay for premium for videos sorry ask to see the video or wait for it to be posted on my Facebook page soon ) . I did the video because it was something I have never done before and want to do these kind of things when I finally get my website up and running.