Summary :)

Throughout this module I feel that I have done my best and tried really hard. I came across a lot of obstacles like moving house, film and theatre work experience, loosing all my work and kept being let down by models. I feel that I could of done a lot more photos if I wasn’t so busy and hadn’t kept getting let down by models I wanted to do so much more and had lots of ideas for photo-shoots that I haven’t had the time to do. I have wrote all these down in a diary and I plan to do these in the summer I have contacts now for costume designers and photographers to be able to do this on my own and pursue all of my wonderful ideas. I feel like this last module has defiantly been my best work. The quality of all my work has improved in my skills, product knowledge and costume ideas. I’m really impressed with my fairy assessment and liked using an airbrush so much I’ve bought a kit for myself from Dinair.

My theme for my portfolio was characters to help me find work in the theatre industry using wigs, ageing, postiche and improving my costume designs. I also added other types of make-up and photo-shoots in there to show versatile and help me get work in other areas of make-up such as Fashion and Media. I wanted my portfolio to look smart and funky which is why I have presented the photos in the way I have I didn’t want to put too much on one page so it doesn’t look too cluttered.  I like the leather book that I have bought to put mu photos in I think it looks really stylish and professional.


Special Effects Make-up!


I’ve added my special effects photos to my portfolio because I feel like if I have special effects and prosthetics knowledge under my belt I will be more employable against other make-up artists if I have these skills. This is an area in which I would like to go into more and get lots of practice with because I find it really fun and interesting too learn how to do. I am really proud of these special effects photos because I hadn’t done anything like this before I started this course and they turned out really good. If I could do one over again it would probably be my body art I found my time keeping for this assessment is what I failed on the most. because I took so long doing the legs I had to rush all the detail on my models corset and mask. This will  be a really good project for me to do over the summer when my airbrush arrives 🙂

My First Assessment Year 1

I added this photo because its the first assessment I did in year one and it shows how far I have come since my first year. This also shows what photography skills I learnt cause I used colour gels and props for this photo-shoot and shows of what extra skills I have to add to my Make-up Artist belt.



I wanted to put my Repunzel character in my portfolio cause its something im really proud of. It took up alot of my time as I spent hours making the 3 meter long platt with two different colours of hair in it. It also shows in this picture that I have a good eye for colour, props, costume and creative hairdressing. Creating this character and doing hair extensions as an assessment has made me realise that I still need to improve on my hair skills and I’m going to look at some short courses to help me get better at doing hair style this is an important skill to have as a make up artist because clients are more likely to go with you if you can do Make-up AND Hair it will be needed for TV/FILM, Theatre and Weddings.

Black and White Hollywood Shoot


Its actually really different doing make up for a black and white photo. in the olden days when they only had B&W TV/FILM they didn’t use the colours we use today they used purples and blues and reds because these where the colours that showed up more. In year 1 we learned about this and I had an attempt the theme was Hollywood. I took this picture and I’m quite impressed with the way it turned out I think I arranged the lighting and the cameras well for this kind of photo. I’ve added this photo to show the many different things, projects, lighting and techniques I can do and that i have experience and knowlege in black and white photo-shoots.

Projects I did outside of Uni

To Build and Improve my Portfolio I collaborated with other Photographers. I worked with Steven Kelly at Pumpkin Studios in Denton where I did my first ever Professional fashion shoot we also did a Audrey Hepburn look so I’ve added this to my portfolio to carry on with the theme of characters and I put the fashion photos in to show versatile and to show employers I can do different things. I love a challenge and I worked with trainee Photographer Mark Johnson to film a make up tutorial there is a picture of me mid-film applying make-up on my volunteer Shannon on the front of my portfolio. (can’t attach video tutorial on here cause you have to pay for premium for videos sorry ask to see the video or wait for it to be posted on my Facebook page soon ) . I did the video because it was something I have never done before and want to do these kind of things when I finally get my website up and running.

Why Applied Postiche and Wigs are Important to me

12122943_787934984666331_1584585421177938112_n12122553_787934567999706_1917418909989680525_nFotorCreatedI have put few wigs and postiche in my portfolio because I am hoping to have a career in theatre being a Make-up Artist or Wardrobe and Wigs Assistant. So I thought it is really relevant and I can use this portfolio to help me get a job in the theatre and show them my work and what I can do. The ageing process is also relevant to theatre this is a popular technique used in many theatre productions so i am glad I did ageing as an assessment in year 1. I found making the postiche side burns extremely difficult and challenging at first but I kept with it and once I got the hang of it (after weeks of only doing a few knots and tears from myself) I was really proud of the end result I had. Doing these assessments have made me want to improve my skills more and attend a wigs up north course.

The story of how the fairy began.

Originally I wanted to make a prosthetic. I wanted to make pixie ears. I started back in January and asked one of my class mates if she would be my model because she was perfect for it. she agreed and a couple weeks later after casted her her left ear then her right ear the week after that. Unfortunately this was the first time I’ve casted an ear and only the second time I’ve done any prosthetics at all. at the time of doing this there wasn’t a prosthetics teacher around when i was doing this so I googled it and followed a blog to refresh my memory.

Both of my pixie ears didn’t turn out right I think i made the plaster mixture to thin and this caused moth my ears to be brittle and they both snapped. I tried super gluing them on but there was nothing for them to stick on too there wasn’t enough plaster in the mix it was just mainly water so they didn’t stay stuck down. I asked my Model if she would allow me to cast her ears again with the help of our tutor Leslie but she was busy. weeks passed by and she didn’t have any time to let me re cast her ears so I had to give up on the idea.

with one week left till my assessment date i had no prosthetic piece and no model i asked another student in my class if she would do it because she was a similar shape to her and I’ve already bought the costume and now had to find someone the same size and she couldn’t do it either. i had to take charge and ask for a model on Manchester Models group on the social media networking group on Facebook. I got a few messages back one of them was Skyla from Atlantis Models she had a new model that was interested because she hasn’t got a portfolio yet. She was the perfect model for what i had in mind my idea by then had been slightly changed to a fairy. Instead of using prosthetics i Airbrushed on a flawless Metallic Gold airbase product added her costume and a band of flowers for her hair and i made my bohemian Fairy. orb1 Loved using the Airbrush and found it really easy and fun to use and it made my make-up look beautiful so I’ve gone and bought one for myself from dinair 🙂